Friday, November 1, 2013

Enunciation: Words and Other Toddler Shenanigans

So Evan is talking now. This is important for many reasons.  One of those reasons being that the more he says, the less he'll whine. That's my theory anyway. And since I made a list at one time of the things Dawson said at this age, I think it's only fair that I have a list for Evan. You know both of my boys are created equal.
  1. Momeeeee (accent on the e sound)
  2. Dadeeee (accent on the e sound)
  3. Bopit. (stop it)
  4. I-eeeee (ice, accent on the e sound)
  5. Bye-Bye (this is very clearly enunciated.)
  6. Cahndy! (candy accent on the "ah" sound)
  7. Pee-Boo (Peek-a-boo)
  8. Tea-kyou (thank you)
  9. Don-Don! (Dawson)
  10. Goggy (doggy)
  11. jooooo (juice accent on the oooooo)
  12. Ya (yeah)
  13. Gocky (socky)
  14. Doo (shoe)
  15. Die (outside -good thing we figured this one out or I'd be traumatized)
  16. Uh-Oh (fantastic enunciation on this one)
  17. Beep (another astounding rendition of enunciation)
This is what happens when I let Evan play by himself in his room.
Which of course I don't mind, because he's quiet the entire time.
Let's zoom in:
Hmm. Looks like he nearly got his pants stuffed down the register.


Anonymous said...

No body can escape this cute attack :) thanks for sharing such a wonderful post :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw that it was written below that you love comments :) this is just another comment for this wonderful blog that made me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like I say it a lot these days, but, "Yep, that's My Boy!!"

RETA said...

Now that list is a TREASURE! You are smart to write them down. Soon your note pad will not be large enough to write down all the words! Then, start taking notes on all the cute phrases! These are little treasures to keep always!