Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Birthday Saga

Parents are spending hundreds of dollars on birthday parties for their children.
I would rather use that money to get my hair done.
There is a place near us called Brunswick Zone which has bowling, lazer tag and an arcade. It costs $179 dollars to have a birthday party there for up to 10 people. I don't even know 10 people. Dawson does, but unless he's having a fund raiser to have a birthday party at Brunswick Zone, hey. That's a great idea! We should have had Dawson have a fund raiser to have his birthday party at Brunswick Zone! I'll jot that down for next year.
Dawson has had several buddies who have had their birthday parties at Brunswick Zone. Last year, one of his buddies had his party there AND his parents bought him a Kindle Fire for his present! I told Dawson to keep that friend so that he could get a Kindle Fire for his present when it rolled around but that never happened. The cheapwads.
Yes. Dawson got to have his birthday party on Saturday at Brunswick Zone.
We had a coupon!
He got to have 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental and a pitcher of pop for up to 6 people 
for $39.99!
We are parent's of the year decade.
Dawson needs to work on his form. Or maybe learn how to hold a bowling ball

  He had 3 buddies from school who said they could come to his party, but one didn't make it because his mom got the times mixed up. This meant I got to have 3 cups of pop instead of 2.
I wish they would make a bowling ball that is lighter than 7 pounds. How can I possibly ever hope to get a strike unless they make a 3 pound ball? Evan was a natural.

Look at the spin on his ball!
I believe Evan knocked down one ball, after a half hour of waiting for the ball to near the pins.
I find everything about wearing used bowling shoes to be deeply disturbing. 
At the one hour mark, we took a break for cake and drinks.
 Dawson has a winning personality, doesn't he?
 I made the birthday cake and Jason decorated it.
Happy Birthday Dawoon! 
 I purchased a vanilla confetti cake mix for Dawson. But he informed the night before his party that he didn't want a confetti cake he wanted a chocolate cake. This mean that I had to use the confetti cake to make Evan's cupcakes for his party. Oh the drama!
Do you see these balloons? Let me tell you about these balloons. 
The morning of Dawson's party we remembered that we wanted to get helium balloons. Bonus, we were having Evan's birthday party the next day on Sunday so we could reuse said balloons. We purchased the 3 balloons and got to Brunswick. Where it was windy.
Dawson opened his door without thinking and the balloons flew away. Dawson cried. And this was mere minutes before his party was to commence. So Jason called his parents who said they would pick up balloons on their way to the party. And the balloons they purchased were 3 dollars cheaper. It's a government conspiracy.
Just as the boys were finishing their cake and pop, the staff turned off the main lights, turned on the disco lights, and the boys got their second wind with cosmic bowling.
 Soon it was time for presents.
 Dawson's a huge fan of the diary of a wimpy kid series. That series encourages my belief that I could write books.
After the party we took Dawson out for lunch and then to go see "The Lego Movie" where we met up with his buddy that didn't make it to the party. This meant I had to share my movie theater candy but I was okay with that because it meant Jason had to share his hot tamales with me. 

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