Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cripple Creek, CO

On Saturday we went to Cripple Creek.
In case you decide to click on that link, I may as well go ahead and tell you that Cripple Creek is a gambling town. But it sure is pretty!
I had 2 quarters ready to make me at least $333.92. That's a joke. There's a train in Cripple Creek that we wanted to take the boys on.
Here's us in the car on the way. Evan didn't understand what I was doing the first time around.
By the second shot, he was somewhat clued in but I gave up.
It's about an hour drive from our house to Cripple Creek. So we arrived at the train station soon enough.
Here we are! Train number 2.
The train only goes 4 miles (which is why it was cheap which is why we were able to go) but it lasts about 2 hours because we stop several times and the conductor gives a bit of history about the land. It's an old mining town.
Jason is upset because his eyes were closed in both pictures. I told him then he should start opening his eyes when people are taking pictures of him. Or wear sunglasses.
There's the conductor. An interesting fellow.
Evan remained rather cordial through the entire ride. When I say that word "cordial" I always think of the scene in Anne of Green Gables when Anne gets Diana drunk on Marilla's raspberry cordial by mistake. The end.
Cripple Creek is a really pretty area, in case you ever come visit us and ask us to take you there and we do.
It's also a rather small town.
As part of our history lesson on the ride, we were told that most of the trees in the area were cut down in the mining days to be used for housing and such. And at one point, because the town was made of wood the entire town burnt to the ground in a matter of weeks because of a few accidents involving fire. Which is why you should build a city of brick. In my own humble opinion.
Mid-point during our trip. we stopped at the spot called "echo canyon" or something with the word echo in it because the train whistle echoes and can be heard for 10 miles. When I yell outside really loud Jason thinks I can be heard for 11 miles. So.
One of the stunning views.
If I get pretty good at craps, I might move here.
Dawson was enthralled with this large flag.
I sat by some funny and endearing ladies from Texas. They used toothpicks to clean their teeth for nearly half the ride. I think it was the popcorn we all had.
These trains nearly killed us from black soot. I should sue and spend the money on
 texas hold 'em.
At the end of the trip our train passed these 2 old beat up cars. Picture worthy, I think.
Annnd.. that ended up being the last picture I took of our lovely train ride. So. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Sign us up!! If David is sick of train rides, I sure am not, I'd love to go. I'll let you know when we are arriving.

Aunt B-

Anonymous said...

P.S. I like these robot-proofers MUCH better than the old ones, Joy. I failed at the old ones quite often, and it would time out my comments. . . .

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Joy! I sure do miss you all!
Im so jealous of all your little mini trips!! :)
Love you Nita