Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Evan is For Real

All credit for the title of this post goes to Jason Wilkins. Give credit where credit is due.
I would just like to say, it's a good thing I had Dawson first and Evan second. Because there would be no second if I had the second first. You know what I'm sayin?
This little guy right here is the cutest little ornery butt you'll ever meet.
In the way of parenting, he's the boss. In the way of fit throwing, he's the boss. In the way of problem solving, conniving, and climbing, he's the boss. 
If his car breaks down, no problem. He'll push it.
If the battery died, and we tell him "Don't push the car, it will ruin the battery",
 He'll push it anyway.
But he can drive that thing like nobodies business.
He's also pretty fast.
On your mark.
Get Set. No wait. What's that?
 He's curious about everything and asks "why" often. And "where are we going"?
He's shy, on his own terms. We haven't yet discovered what those terms are though. One minute he's hiding behind us if a stranger is attempting to talk to him and the next minute he's waving to a stranger.
He loves to be outside. 
He has crazy hair when he wakes up in the morning and after a bath. And when Jason wraps him up in the bath towel he demands to be allowed to walk to his room to get dressed.
He has the cutest way of saying things.
He's cute. And he likes to dance, which I'm pretty sure is what he was up to when we took this picture.
 He gets into trouble all.day.long.
Today, I caught him eating the tip of my pink highlighter while I was refilling his sippy cup.
This past weekend, my neighbor came over for coffee and she caught him poking holes in one of our favorite fancy chairs with a meat thermometer while I was making our coffee. Who thinks of this stuff?! Evan does.
This morning while I was brushing my teeth, he got his toothpaste and climbed into the bathtub and squirted it all over his knee.
Of course I've done several blog posts dedicated to Evan's shenanigans.
Like this one.
And this one.
During the moments he's not getting into trouble, you'll see him copying, following and cuddling his big brother. He missed Dawson dearly today -Dawson's first day back at school. He cried this morning when Dawson left and asked to go to school with him. 
Speaking of Dawson and Evan and toddler trouble, (the perfect segue to end this post) we recently had to switch Evan over to a big boy bed. This little adventure was nothing like the time we made the switch for Dawson.
Oh no. We finally had to break down and convert his crib to a toddler bed because he was climbing out of his crib at 2 in the morning and coming into our room. Now that we've switched, we've lessened the chance of a broken bone while he climbs out of bed to come to our room at 2am...
Oh yeah. He also likes Sprite.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Evan for being your mommy's boy! (and not mine) just kidding. sort of.
Evan, you need to keep up your shenanigans so your momma will always have writing material for her blog. Good job, Evan!
Thank Heaven for Evan.
Okay, I'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

"I like it!" And I LIKE YOU, Evenator!! That's my boy.