Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are You Ready to Rock?!

Fall is my second favorite time of year. I'm quite sentimental at this time of year because I love the crisp air, the colors and the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

Last weekend we went back to Cripple Creek and Victor so that we could see the Aspens. There is a limited time frame to see the Aspens change color before the leaves fall to the ground. Dead. Brown and Dead. 
Here is the view looking over the town of Cripple Creek. I wanted this picture the last time we were there a few weeks ago but Jason wouldn't pull over. So this time I climbed out of the car window while we were driving.
 Before the little tour de Aspen (I just made that up. That's pretty clever). First we took two starving children to eat a restaurant located on top of a casino. This caused many old people to stare in displeasure. I assured them all that our children were not going to move in on their slot machines and take their money. I would do that.
Afterward, we took the boys to the park. Evan calls this playground "Space". "I wanna see space" he yells to me in order make me let him see this picture.
 While Evan was busy playing in space, Dawson was on the verge of a take down.
Dawson is having his life turned upside while Jason is daydreaming of unicorns.
 And... done. 
 Dawson got up and went about his merry way and I decided now was as good a time as ever for a photo op.
Jason thought he was toothpick Popeye.
 So I said "no" and shot again. I will take this time to say that I can't stand that piece of hair by my ear that isn't long enought to stay in my ponytail.
 And then we were off for the Tour de Trees. Not nearly as clever.
 Jason worked up the courage to drive me to my favorite truck in Victor.
 Of course my favorite part about Victor is the old dilapidated buildings so I encouraged Jason to allow me to get as many pictures as possible of these buildings at any cost. Such as stopping in the middle of the road and pushing him against his seat to get the picture. 
This is my future house. 
I believe this building is available if anyone wants to be my neighbor.
And then we were back on the road with the tour of color.
 You may be wondering what pictures of the Aspens has anything to do with my post title. It doesn't. I couldn't very well waste a whole blog post on a video when I had perfectly good mountain aspen fall colors to share. 
Before I move on, does anyone believe that the font on this blog needs to be bigger? Or is it just me? Because I have horrible eyesight. No lie.
Now on to the Rock. 
Evan is rather entertaining. And Dawson is rather invasive.
Welcome to our chaos:

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Anonymous said...

Well, Joy, if we could move into the readily available abandoned train car, we'd have a private bath as well. Why IS there a perfectly new port-a-potty out there, anyway?? However, since the place looks totally haunted and ghost-ridden to me, I will pass. Colors or no colors on the Aspens.
I'm glad you were able to see them and share!