Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Years of Christmas Hair.

Let me clarify that when I say "Christmas" I am using it in the generic sense of the term meaning "any time of year".  This is because I had a difficult time finding pictures of my hair on, or near Christmas. However, these photo's do represent each year for the past 10 years. 
Looking at old pictures gives you a new perspective on your hair. 
Wedding hair which was highlighted and lowlighted and medium length! Super bright white teeth brought to you by Crest White Strips. They should probably use me for a commercial.
My wedding hair had grown out so I kept highlighting over the top of it with a box kit until I was rather blond like you see here. I'm not sure I like the color, but maybe the length is okay. I also didn't have a perm. That's crunchy stuff in my hair.
This was the day I had announced to my family that we were pregnant with Dawson. Well I was the one pregnant but you are supposed to say "we" right? I had just colored my hair with Clairol Caribbean Caramel. My little niece Kazlan likes my hair color. I can tell by her cuteness.
Just a few weeks later and I was still pregnant but I don't think I look pregnant do you? We're at the wedding of Jason's cousin Tiffany. I had just told their family that I was pregnant and Jason's Aunt Nora said she could tell! It doesn't matter, I had my Pepsi and this is a closer depiction of how I did my Caribbean Caramel hair.
Darker hair but about the same length. I think I would be just as cute if I was bald like Dawson. I looked younger in 2006. I was probably using Proactiv.
Just a few short months after the previous picture was taken I decided highlights were in order. I was going for highlights the same color as a rotisserie chicken. I'd like you all to know that Jason had a t-shirt made for me with this picture on it.
My cousin Joe's wedding and I decided to go with darker hair. Me and my sister Bobbie. Bobbie keeps her hair highlighted and long now. Maybe I should have my hair highlighted and long? 
Darker longer hair in San Diego, CA. I think I like side swept bangs. Maybe I should consider a wig.
I miss the white pants I'm wearing. I'm pretty sure that's the only point to this picture because my hair looks mostly the same.
Shoulder length and highlighted. I think I wanted my hair to match Dawson's.
Longer hair caramel color again. I have I never been able to make up my mind? No. No I have not.
Outdoor lighting on caramel hair. And Cheetos in Dawson's mouth.
Long dark straight hair. This color and length is how it has remained since 2011. Maybe that's why I'm bored. I'd also say I need a tan.
Mother's Day. Hair is okay but I look tired. Maybe I should highlight my eyebrows.
I don't think I have highlights, I'm outside and it makes my hair look orange which I don't.like.at.all. Good thing Evan is so cute, to make up for my iron-hair look.
By Christmas inside, my hair looked darker. I need a new way to style it. Mohawk maybe.
Mother's Day this year. I have a few more layers now, but the same color. I think I look like Medusa in this picture.
Finally bringing 1 million pictures of me to a close. 
Tell me what to do with my hair. 
Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Joy, you are the poster adult for Perfect Mom, just go with the hair flow and stay perfect. Why were you never an auburn, though? Everyone else has been in our family!