Monday, December 29, 2014

Tis the Season to Be Jolly: Christmas 2014

To inaugurate the season, we took the boys to see Christmas lights. That sentence reeks with boredom. But using the word "inaugurate", really spices things up.
There's a house near ours that decorates and the lights are set to music. 101.9 FM to be exact. Evan was very sick and we had no idea how sick he was until we got home and he kept us me up 3 days straight coughing. Jason left for a business trip. I don't know why he doesn't take Evan with him. 
 On the eve of Christmas Eve, we let the boys have a camp out in our room. Really, it wasn't camping, but sleeping on the floor. But I can call it camping so I just did.
I began to think Christmas was this year. Mostly because everyday since Thanksgiving, Dawson spoke to me about Christmas gifts and what he wanted and made suggestions as to where we should shop. To say he was looking forward to Christmas would be an understatement.
Jason took this picture on his phone on Christmas morning. I thought it turned out rather spectacular. The tree is up so high off the ground, it made me feel like we should have purchased only gifts that were 4 foot tall or taller. 
 This picture is the one he took on our Canon camera. Those are my pink pajama clad knees. That's where I sit in the morning to read my bible. I must say, reading your bible by a lit Christmas tree that is covered in "Joy" ornaments adds a whole new dimension to devotions.
 I begged the boys to let us a take a picture of them coming down the stairs that morning. I also had to threaten the elimination of one gift per minute that they didn't cooperate.
 Stockings first. To supersede this tradition would diminish Christmas. I totally just used the word supersede correctly in a sentence.
 Jason forced me to take part in a pre-shower Christmas picture, resulting in stringy hair and the color pink. Aunt Bev, I accept your apology. There are more where this came from.
 Time to open presents!
 Dawson's theme this year was Transformers. He watches Transformers 4 on repeat. That being said, he had a bit of a pout session up in his room when Christmas was over because I apparently ordered the wrong "Slug" and "Scorn" transformers. The one's I purchased were for ages 5+ and changed in only 8 steps. God forbid!
 The Optimus Prime Transformer we bought him was the "Red Ryder BB Gun with compass and a stock and this thing which tells time". The very toy he pleaded, begged, and all around wouldn't stop talking about for one month straight. 
 Evan is obsessed with trash and garbage trucks. As a matter of fact, he's currently sitting at the kitchen island watching garbage trucks on youtube using my phone. No lie. He recently made his aunt Nessa let him watch the same thing on her phone when she babysat a couple of weeks ago. 
I'll confess, Jason and I were a tiny bit ecstatic when we found this one at TJ Maxx. And now that I've mentioned them by name in a public forum, I'm fully expecting a $500 gift card to arrive in the mail from them saying how much they appreciate me.
 Once the presents are all opened and equally admired, we force the children through our usual routine of Christmas pictures: 
Construction equipment brought to you courtesy of Evan's Excavation business.
 Of course, I spend hours on my hair.
 For whatever reason, I was in the mood for sepia. I'm not on any depression medication or anything, so my moods are subject to change without notification.
 Jason is very photogenic. If I were as photogenic as he is, I probably wouldn't feel the need to color, cut or otherwise maim my hair on a regular basis.
 Good-bye Christmas. 
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Cutest family EVER! -Kelsey

Pink Ponsonby said...

Okay. The one of the boys on the stairs? I want that redone in 25 years when they are adults! That will be TOTALLY awesome!