Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Only the 6th day of the new year and I need a break. Or maybe a coffee mug that says "You're My Favorite". 
For the past 2 weeks, Dawson has been working endlessly on a stop motion film. When I say "Dawson has" I actually mean "Joy has" because as a result of this new-found fascination, I have labored long hours in a movie editing system to make his dream come true. Which actually turned Dawson into a Director Diva of sorts.. .making demands of me that couldn't be fulfilled like, "Mommy! I didn't say I wanted music at that part!"
One day Dawson had the idea to take his Transformer toy and take 100 pictures of it on the iPad while making the toy transform. When Jason used the iPad one day he saw that the data on it was maxed out and realized that Dawson had been taking hundreds of pictures on it... not realizing that Dawson had been using it to make a stop motion video. The pictures were erased and Dawson was devastated.
In order to make amends, Jason let Dawson use our Canon camera to take new pictures. I was a bit concerned, not really because it's an expensive camera.. but because the thing holds 5,000 photos and I didn't want to watch that many pictures flash across the screen in one sitting. Selfish. I know.
Dawson got the Optimus Prime Transformer he wanted for Christmas so he set to work making a stop motion film using his Transformers and his Emmet Lego guy (a lego set he got based on the Lego Movie). When he was finished, he asked if his pictures could be made into a video, and would you believe I found out that I have a video editing software on my laptop? 
I was able to upload all of Dawson's pictures to the software and out pooped (ha! accidentally typed "pooped" instead of "popped" but I think it's funny. so I'm not correcting it) this video. Then 30 million hours later I figured out how to add sound and let him do some of his own sound effects. 
Mostly, the video might not make sense. (just keeping it real). But I did my best to let Dawson keep it the way he wanted and only corrected a few things. 
Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you:
Transformers: Age of Emmet Extinction
Editors Note** the movie is 5 minutes long

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Joy, 2 things! First, I am way proud of you for changing out your page theme so quickly; Aunt Ruthie will not be hunting you down with a machete for leaving your Christmas theme overly long.
Then, I am secondly so proud of you AND Dawson, for the fabulous film!! It is hilarious, even though, not having small children, it didn't occur to me that those things were TRANSFORMING until almost half way thru the thing. (Please don't tell Dawson, he would not let me live that down.) (And, I am old.) DO tell him that I will inform our FLW TV Producer to Watch Out - his kid's Zombie movies have NOTHING on Dawson's stop-motion!! And they are professionals!