Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Artist

Dawson comes from a long line of artisans. 
Does that mean I'm saying he came from a long line of bread? Because he didn't come from a long line of bread. I know that there is Artisan bread though. But he came from artistic ancestors. Artisan Ancestors. 
I'm pretty sure I should open an art gallery and name it Artisan Ancestors. But, then the gallery would have to display pictures of people that look like bread.
Dawson has always loved to draw. Jason, Jason's dad, and his grandma can all draw.
A month or so ago, Dawson sat down and began drawing the cover to the new Transformer's movie: 
A few months ago he drew Whispering Death (from How to Train Your Dragon). 
If you're reading this and you're pregnant right now, I strongly encourage you to name your child "Whispering Death".
So that no one can claim that I claim favorites, I introduce to you Evan's Art:
He painted this right after his Aunt Bobbie called him to sing him Happy Birthday. So when the painting was complete he told me he wanted to give it to Aunt Bobbie. I said "Oh, Okay, what is the picture"? And he said "It's Mountains"!
Dear Aunt Bobbie, I never sent you this picture. Please frame your laptop and hang it on the wall while it displays this blog post. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Should we be looking forward to a sequel to The Age Of Emmet Extinction??

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way. I sent you the invoice for my new computer. This one will fit just perfect in a frame when I re-do my office. Yay!