Monday, April 27, 2015

The Parable of the Persistent Toddler

God has entrusted me with a toddler. 
I speak only for myself when I say that I'm convinced no toddler is created equally in terms of personality. I'm consistently mentioning to Jason "Dawson never even thought of doing something like that when he was Evan's age". 
That being said...
Recently, I was reading the parable of the persistent widow in the book of Luke and I couldn't help but inserting myself into the well worn shoes of the judge in the story. Evan very quickly became the persistent widow.
I had to make a few changes to the parable, in order for it to fit my unique situation, for obvious reasons, since the parable is given to teach the disciples to never give up on prayer. If Evan would only apply that principal to his own life when he is grown, God will give that boy everything.he.asks.for.
I present to you:
The Parable of the Persistent Toddler
Joy told them a story showing that her toddler managed to get anything he asked for.  She said, “There was once a mom in Colorado Springs who never gave a second thought to the various whims of children. A toddler in that city kept after her: ‘I want a piece of gum!’
The mom never gave the toddler the time of day. But after this went on and on the mom said to herself, ‘I care nothing what other mom's think. But because this toddler won’t quit badgering me, I’d better do something and see that he gets a piece of gum—otherwise I’m going to end up locked in the bathroom with no hope for escape while the toddler pounds at the door.’”

I would like to add, that I do attempt a compromise with Evan. Where I tear the piece of gum in half and offer him only half of the gum. But oh no. This will NOT do. A half of a piece?! Where is the justice?! What toddler can live on a half a piece of gum alone?! 
Fine. Here's your big piece. Go lay down. For 10 hours.
Thank you mommy.
Yes. This is what I'm dealing with here:
To be clear, it's not just gum. Included in his arsenal, but not limited to, we have:
*The ipad
*Garbage truck videos on my phone
I draw the line when he asks for money. I give him the credit card because I never have cash.
So that there is no misunderstanding that I'm absolutely not trying to downplay the parable of the persistent widow (because it is a great parable and one with much meaning), I'm leaving you with the verse in it's entirety.

Luke 18:1-8The Message (MSG)

Jesus told them a story showing that it was necessary for them to pray consistently and never quit. He said, “There was once a judge in some city who never gave God a thought and cared nothing for people. A widow in that city kept after him: ‘My rights are being violated. Protect me!’
4-5 “He never gave her the time of day. But after this went on and on he said to himself, ‘I care nothing what God thinks, even less what people think. But because this widow won’t quit badgering me, I’d better do something and see that she gets justice—otherwise I’m going to end up beaten black-and-blue by her pounding.’”

6-8 Then the Master said, “Do you hear what that judge, corrupt as he is, is saying? So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help? Won’t he stick up for them? I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns

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