Friday, August 28, 2015

Stop Motion Films

Ever since the success of his last stop motion film, Dawson has been ablaze in stop motion glory. He has asked for a remote to use with his camera so that his camera doesn't move while taking pictures of his Legos. Can guys be divas? Because I'm a bit over the edge with him and his constant requests. He's been watching training videos on our iPad that give instructions on how to make the lighting look more authentic for heavens sake. And did you know that if you want to make your Lego minifigure do a flip all you have to do is put sticky tape on his hands, then place his hands on the Lego platform and position his legs before each picture? I know right? 
Being the best big brother he can be, he recently created a couple of trash videos for Evan using Evan's construction equipment toys. 
I personally enjoyed the "Garbage" personal touch he added at the end of that one. 
I think garbage companies should knock down our door trying to hire Dawson for his genius creativity to make trash seem so appealing.
Just wait until the years Dawson begins to drink coffee. Imagine the possibilities of stop motion films on caffeine!

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