Monday, August 24, 2015

The Sneaky Adjacent Resident

A few weeks ago, Jason was gone on a business trip in Texas. While I was back home suffering from child overwhelmation (which is a total thing. just don't look it up.), he was crowned prince of the concert arena and schmoozed with the likes of Hillsong United.
That being said.
I run out of ideas for the boys to do while Jason is away, so they usually end up playing in our cul-de-sac. On this particular occasion, Evan had been riding his red scooter. Evan has 1 red scooter, 1 motorized Lightning McQueen car and 1 tricycle. All of which can be laying in our front yard at one time. Add to that 1 pair of rollerblades, 1 Razer Kick scooter, 1 bicycle, a frisbee and a basketball and you'll have the summation of all items that need to be gathered into the garage by me before the night is through.
Can you imagine it could be possible that I might forget to bring something in? ...

When Jason got home from his trip, he went outside to check the mail, when along came our next door neighbor Jaque. (this is the same neighbor who put our house up for sale while we were on vacation last year.) She had in her possession 1 red scooter, and 1 letter addressed to Evan.
I present to you: 
Yes, I know you all want neighbors like ours.

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Pink Ponsonby said...

Ha ha! I wonder if you left EVAN out overnight he could get a free trip to Hawaii or something?