Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An Audacious Giveaway

Before we dive right in to the details of the giveaway, I'm going to chatter on a bit about things not related in any way.

Jason bought me the movie War Room. Love.That.Movie. Straightaway I went shopping for the most fashionable clothes I could find that might in some way replicate the amazing ensembles that Priscilla Shirer wears in the movie. I failed, but my pastors wife gave me some awesome boot cuffs last night. So I still win.
Oh and I also pray more. I'm not all shallow. Although I can't fit in my closet because it's not a walk-in. So I sort of crawl through the vent in the basement and crouch down behind the heating pipe that runs to the furnace. Just Kidding. Even though I think God would answer all of my prayers if I showed that kind of dedication. Really, I just sit on the chair in our waste of space room. And I have nothing else to say about that. Do any of you have a closet where you pray? I'd like to know. Send me a picture of it. Not that I'm bossing you or anything.

I've had the Kenny Loggins song "Celebrate Me Home" running through my mind all morning. I didn't even know it was a Kenny Loggins song until I Googled it this morning because the only part that stalked my brain was "Celebrate Me Home" (which to be exact, was the sound of a choir like Brooklyn Tabernacle singing it and not Kenny himself, and I think he won't be mad about that) over and over and over. Which is way better than having "Mmmbop" stuck in your head, in my own opinion.

And Now   ... to the GIVEAWAY (giveaway, giveaway giveaway) -that was supposed to represent an echo. I believe I was successful.
A few months ago, I purchased Beth Moore's new book, "Audacious".
That is an actual picture of the book as it was laying on my night stand but I used a photo editing program to try and make it look fancy. I don't know why. 
So awesome in fact, that I want someone to have it and read it. And this is way more fun than calling someone and asking them if they want the book.

In order to win, I'm just asking you to do 2 things. (Gasp! I'm making you work for a giveaway??)

  1. Share the link to this post on your FB wall in order to share the love with others.
  2. In the comments section below (make sure the comments are here on the blog and not on my FB link because that will confuse me and you can only imagine the chaos that ensues when I'm confused) simply leave me a comment. That's it. Any comment. It can be "Hi" or "I love your blog" or a super long comment that I would love reading forever and ever. Whatever. Just say something in the comments section.
The contest will end at 2:00 pm Mountain Time tomorrow (1/14/2016), where I will use a random number generator to determine the winner.
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Anonymous said...

I love your blog Joy and I love you! You are an inspiration and you are actually a big reason that I started my blog because yours is just so funny!
You are aptly named, my friend!
hugs forever and ever and ever and... well, you get the idea... (thought that ending might be better than posting a comment that you had to keep on reading forever and ever).

Lbottoms said...

I love the cuffs your pastor's wife gave you! They are way cool and she is way cool for giving them to you. :) xoxoxo

Felicia Louise said...

I love this and you! :)

Laurel walsh said...

I love my sister pants!!! Your blogs brighten my day! God gifted you with writing and spreading Joy! you make me smile!

Joy ☺ said...

Congratulations on your big win Linda!