Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If You're Happy and You Know It

There's something about cabin fever that makes you want to either 
A.) Go Crazy. or  B.) Blog.
I tried to go crazy but the blog won out.
That's also the reason I went to great lengths today to update my blog theme to Valentine's Day in honor of February.

I don't like being cold (which is why I'm desperately trying to win the Florida home from HGTV) but desperate times call for desperate measures. And desperate measures means I have to take my boys outside. In the snow. If I wasn't so incredibly rational, I'd believe that winter doesn't like me at all. I mean, our house grew fangs people.
But a hater's gonna hate, you know?
I've taken the boys out sledding 2 days in a row. This means that I have to pull Evan in the sled up the hill beside our house because he is suddenly stricken with all manner of ailments and can't walk. "I'm tired, my legs hurt, I'm hungry". So I got the great idea to get Dawson to do it.
There's something so cute about a child being all bundled up. In a snowsuit. Not like in a straight jacket or something.
Dawson dug his first snow tunnel. I invited all of our woodland creatures to come and burrow in it.
I snapped this slightly sensational picture of Dawson getting some air when he hit his ramp while sledding.
Nothing compared to the amazingness of this shot I got of Evan after his ramp moment.
And... then I snapped this one of Evan sliding down the hill on his butt after he got tired of waiting on Dawson to carry the sled back up the hill.
It was then that the thought occurred to me that I should get a video of Dawson hitting the ramp, like Jason did in slow motion.
So I set up camp, told Dawson I was ready and hit "time lapse"
Yeah. Time lapse is NOT slow motion in case you were wondering. 
That little fact didn't click until I took this second video of Evan.
So I used the YouTube enhancement feature and slowed it down. 1 second to 4!
You're welcome.

I'm not a creative or crafty person, which is why the boys tend to fight on a consistent basis when they are marooned indoors. Most moms would be all "Hey I know! Let's make glow in the dark Gak! Or playdough! Or a life sized model of a roller coaster that really works!" 
Me... I'm like "go play". Typically this results in all manner of evil. Nothing can be shared, no amount of candy will please, and Evan can't master the Wii remote to Dawson's approval. Sometimes I'll have to think of something on the fly. Like a good joke.
Did you know you can make hundreds of knock knock jokes by using the "interrupting __" feature? I know because Evan has made me tell him knock knock jokes every day since the first time I established the game in his presence. I said: 
Me: Evan, knock knock
Evan: blank stare
Me: say who's there
Evan: who's there
Me: Interrupting cow
Evan: blank stare
Me: say interrupting cow who
Evan: interru--
Me: Moo
Evan: Let's do it again.
And then. I had to come up with 9 million noises to keep the joke alive. I've inserted (in no certain order: goat, sheep, cat, chicken, duck, horse, door bell, car horn, toilet, train, and then my brain just shut down. I literally couldn't focus long enough to think of any other item in this world that makes noise. If you can think of any don't tell me. I've got to wean him off this joke like I need weaned off chocolate. Even though that one won't be attempted.
*Speaking of Evan*
Don't look at my face.
That's the exclamation Evan has been making if I'm looking at him and he's either A.) in trouble, or B.) in his car seat and angry at me about something such as not handing him a toy. The spin off of this is the night several weeks ago that a friend of ours was babysitting and when we came to pick up the boys she told me "Evan walked over to our refrigerator and looked inside. When I went to check on him to see if I could help he said "Please don't watch me'".
I think he knows better than to use those fight'n words when he's trapped inside with nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.
I'll leave you with this little gem:

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Anonymous said...

Fangs! haha I love it! And you are a fun mom even if you don't make glow in the dark play doh. Double points for going out in the snow twice in a row!!

And I love your new blog make-over!