Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Big Game: #SuperBowl50

In order to stay true to my nature, you know it's nearly a requirement that I begin with something completely unrelated to what I plan to drone on about. In this case, it's the beautiful scenery surrounding Dawson's school. His school building is the red brick building toward the center of the picture.
Yes. I absolutely stopped in the middle of the road in carpool line in order to take the picture. Yes everyone else in carpool line applauded my passion to capture the beauty and honked at me in loving tones. It was a real uniting experience. Go Titans.

If you'll remember the fangs from my previous post, then you'll be happy to know that no one in my family was maimed when the ice melted and the icicles landed in our driveway.
Sans fangs.
 I was forced to do manual labor and move this mess from the driveway so that I could back out. I expect hundreds of sympathy comments below.

Okay. I'm ready to discuss the big game that I didn't watch until the end.
We had our friends Martin and Stephanie and their daughter Sadie over. And as we all know, my favorite thing next to company at a gathering is food.
That picture was supposed to be staged to be able to use it to enter into some sort of sweepstakes for Tostitos or Pepsi but I never found any. So instead we ate it all. 
 Speaking of eating, are these 2 little eaters cute? Doritos should pay me for posting that.
 Then I needed a selfie with my friend Stephanie. Is it still called a "selfie" if you and other people are in your picture? As you can see, it was 5:17 p.m. exactly.
 Evan has a train with train tracks that we had the kids put together to keep them happy while the game was going. 
Only it didn't work out so well. If you look at the bag that the train pieces go in, you will notice that it's large enough for a preschooler to fit in. But not two. Therefore, all manner of crying, weeping and gnashing of teeth commenced. (it didn't stop Stephanie from entering Superbowl sweepstakes on her phone like a madwoman though. Total multitask-er, comfort and do sweeps at.the.same.time.)
 Evan ran up to this room to play out his crying performance.
 So I quickly grabbed Playdough to the rescue. This is not even an affiliated site! But Playdough, could I get a free something or other for the mention?
Dawson says this playdough mass looks like vomit. Totally blog worthy.
 Jason and Martin stood in the kitchen watching the game. Which gave me more room in the living room to do somersaults.
 Dawson wanted everyone to know he was rooting for the Broncos. Which I told him to do, because Peyton Manning is totally stalking us. We moved here from Indiana first. Several months later, guess who moves here and signs on with the Broncos. Put two and two together people. 
 Stephanie had me wandering aimlessly around the house taking selfies with certain products to win random prizes. (more on this in a minute, winner winner chicken dinner!)
 I was really in the creative mood to support the Dorito's SuperBowl Sweepstakes. See?:
It's better than tossing babies up in the air. Just sayin.
I know you're all wondering, "Joy did you actually win anything?"
Yes. Yes I did.
Feast your eyes on this:

Which led to this in my inbox. Oh yeah. A coupon for a free pack of Skittles people. All the reason you need to completely ignore the SuperBowl 50 game to enter contests. Besides, there's something about seeing "CONGRATULATIONS YOU'RE A WINNER" in your inbox that boosts your morale while you're sitting at home in your stinky sweats and a ponytail.
Speaking of the Superbowl which was basically supposed to be the eventual topic of this post... The amazing picture of the tv I took which just so happens to have the "50 SuperBowl" superimposed on the screen. It should be noted that I paid enough attention to take a picture of the actual game and not a commercial. So.

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Kate Hogarth said...

Joy!!! You crack me up!!! Miss you and enjoyed hearing about the game... Um... Or about the playdo vomit anyway...Still laughing about the "we moved here first!!!" I guess I should confess that I set the whole thing up and told him to go keep an eye on ya! Ha !