Friday, February 12, 2016

The Substitute.

At church on Wednesday night, I was sharing horror stories of the days when I was a substitute teacher with a couple of ladies. On my first day as a high school sub, I was called late, (a teacher was sick) so I actually entered the school building along with all the other high schoolers. I distinctly remember overhearing 2 girls behind me say "Who's the new girl"? as they walked on by and kind've gave me one of those high school diva "is she good enough to get to know her" looks. 
So I tripped the girl who said it. 
That is a joke!!
Just in case my looks are in question, this is me circa 2000 when I began my substitute teaching stint that didn't last because on a separate occasion, 2 boys got in a fist fight in class I was subbing. 
I personally feel I have a timeless face that could pass as 16 or 35. So. Young and old the world over should listen to what I have to say. 
The reason this whole topic came up is because yesterday I was reading this book I love called "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby (I'm pretty sure he would read my blog if he knew I'm a fan of his book. You follow me, I follow you, just like Twitter).
That being said, I hope he doesn't charge me a nominal fee for quoting this line from his book.
"God will not tolerate any substitute for a relationship with Him". (pg 135)
I thought it was especially nice to use red font because I used red crayon to highlight that sentence in the book. The book is mine and not from the library. #bonusnofeesforcoloringinbooksIown.

There was a time in my life when I allowed certain individuals to replace God because I put them on a pedestal. My admiration for them and their relationship with God clouded my vision. As a result, I consulted these people for many major decisions in my life, expecting them to hear from God and let me know what God said and I would adjust my life accordingly. I don't highly recommend this. If you have someone in your life who is replacing God, I strongly encourage command you to grab a chainsaw and rather than whittling away at the pedestal please hack at it like you are Jason from the Friday the 13th series. Which is probably a bad analogy. Especially since I've never seen any of those.

The same is true if your tendency is to chase after certain conferences, or stalk the speakers of those conferences, pastors or other famous religious individuals because you rely on them to hear from God. It's quite possible that several years ago I might have burst into tears and fainted if I saw Beth Moore in person because I idolized her as a rockstar for Jesus. Nowadays, if I met her I'd just ramble on without making any sense and ask her if she'd come to my house for French Roast coffee and then see if she'd let me go shopping with her every day which is totally not stalkerish in any way.

My point is this. No person, place or thing should ever replace your own personal relationship with God and hearing from Him. 
Since God will not tolerate a substitute, then putting Him first will save you so much stinking trouble. 
That little nugget of wisdom is free of charge. 

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staciej said...

Joy, you do have a timeless face. I wish I was as fortunate. I love reading your blog, not only because you always make me laugh but most of all because of how much you inspire me and I'm sure others as well! -Stacie