Friday, March 18, 2016

That Time I called and talked to Christie Brinkley

Some of you might remember the blog post I wrote a month or so ago about the cool stuff I've won in sweepstakes. Just in case you were too lazy to read that one, I'll give a brief summary, which will help explain what led to my bestie status with Christie Brinkley.
Hair2Wear had a sweepstakes on FaceBook:

And.. I had a typo in my answer and I still won! Yay Me!
 When I sent my response to Hair2Wear with my color choice and shipping information, I asked if they would mind if I did a blog on my win, because I was so excited. And this was their reply:
They LOVE my blog! 
I'll admit that had me question if they actually read it.
 But just a few days later at 6:14 pm Mountain Time while I was at worship team practice, I received this:
I was basically jumping all over the stage at church and the other team members thought I was trying to start a mosh pit. Now they know.
I received several calls from Home Shopping Network with specific instructions regarding the phone call. The big day was set for Thursday 3/17/2016 at 2:40 p.m. (my time).
Then I contacted everyone in the world to ask if they have cable with DVR capabilities because I don't have cable. Or DVR. Or a phone. Just kidding about that one.
2 days before the phone call, guess what I got in the mail.
Did you guess? 
Was your guess a coupon for a free bag of Skittles? Because that came last week people.
This came:
Want to know what's in it? Huh? Do ya?
I spy with my little eye a big toe with a fresh coat of red nail polish. Because I was too lazy to crop it out of the picture. 
 And look! A big white bag with pink paper! What's inside? Is the suspense killing you?
No really. If the suspense is literally killing you, you have issues.
 It's my Hair2Wear Prize Pack! 
A little blurry due to my excitement and all.
The small vase in the left corner is a genuine, authentic super awesome Jonathan Adler Vidalia Bud Vase. He'll probably ask me to call him next. There's a waiting list Jonathan.
I didn't waste any time. Straightaway (say with British accent please) I ran upstairs with my loot to try everything on. I do mean everything.
Here's the ponytail. I know I look like I'm in a huge cathedral. That's because I was. In my mind. I also look serious, but my freckles seemed rather ostentatious. Don't I look awesome though? Pretty much exactly like Christie Brinkley. Except with different hair. And a different face.
Then Dawson wouldn't leave me alone. "Mom! Let me try it" over. and over. and over.
I'll be he regrets that now.
I was told that the extensions were going to be the discussion on the show during the call, so I real quick ran and grabbed some pink lip gloss and applied it. 
Here I am with the extensions in! My hair was actually straight and I had it tucked back. All the curl is from the extensions. Aren't they fancy? Are you as amazed as I was that they match my hair perfectly? And super easy to put in. 
The reflection of me in my glasses taking my picture is a freebie for no extra charge.
Here I am in car pool line just before it's time to make the call. Note that I'm wearing green because it's St Patty's Day and all. I'm a great mom.
You can't tell by the picture, but I was nervous beyond all reason and wanted to vomit.
It was time to call.
I talked to the producer who said they were waiting on my call and I was put on hold until they acknowledged me, but I could hear everything they were saying while I waited. Pretty soon they said hi to me and then all manner of rambling, and dorkiness ensued. I'm actually embarrassed to share the video but felt I needed evidence that I'm famous.
A special shout out to my sister Karen who has cable and DVR and took the time to take video on her cell phone to share it with me. The pressures of having a famous sister.

Dear Christie:
Since I'm certain you'll read my blog now that we're besties, you are more than welcome to come stay with us since you love to ski in Vail and we live in Colorado Springs. Please don't use the downstairs bathroom though. I have all boys, you know? I'd also like to take this time to suggest that you add a mullet hair piece to your Hair2Wear line. My husband threatened to take my 16" extension piece and wear it around, so I think the mullet line would sell out.
Lots of , Joy Wilkins

I wish I would have heard her make the comment about her love for Colorado because I wold have squeezed in the invite over the call. 
And that's the true story of the day Christie Brinkley and I became best friends.

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