Friday, April 22, 2016

That One Time When I Was Born

I've had 39 years of birthdays.
Not to be prideful or anything, but I really do think that if I were to ask any number of people how old they think I am they would say "you can't be a day over 38".

I love presents. This year I have my heart set on getting an Apple Sport Watch. I'm pretty certain that I will lose 10 pounds the moment it's placed on my wrist. I've actually entered no less than 5 sweepstakes trying to win this watch but I've had no luck at all! So I'll trade someone the Spiralizer I just won for your brand new Apple Sport Watch. Otherwise I'll just sit here waiting for birthday money to roll in.And you all know it's better to give than receive (Acts 20:35). I'm the perfect person for receiving!

Of course I've blogged about my birthday several times before but I wasn't 39 any of those times. So I figured this was just as good a time as ever to update everyone on the fact that I was born.
And to share some pictures of the cuteness that I once was.
I'm thinking I could still fit into that little top and it would still be in style. If only I still had it...
 I got the love of traveling from my dad. We were always traveling to a new state, or Canada to go camping and/or hunt morel mushrooms. 
If only I could have worn the matching top with the matching bottoms at the same time... Maybe I was the type of toddler that has a breakdown if something matched.  Regardless, this picture should probably be featured in Life Vest Magazine.
 Speaking of life vests. I have no idea who anyone else in this picture is, other than my dad who is shirtless and paddling our canoe. That being said, I'd like it to be on record that the Budweiser in the cozy wasn't mine. 
 And finally, I love this picture of me with my Aunt Sandy on Christmas for several reasons. 
First, look at that huge present! It most likely held something of equal or greater value to an Apple Smart Watch. Second, the 70's wallpaper, the phone on the counter of our bar and the fact that I was barefoot bring back a flood of memories of my first home (which was a basement and I'll have blog post all about that in the near future). Finally, the outfit I had on doesn't go together. At all. But I've seen several pictures of me wearing said outfit (to my knowledge, there actually aren't very many pictures of me as a kid or baby that exist. Isn't that so sad?) leads me to finally understand my lack of fashion sense. 
Anyway. I'm in no way prepared for the madness that is 40. So give me a year to prepare for that.


Karen Wyss said...

Well I'm certain that that is Aunt Sandy and Uncle Boyd in the canoe behind you and Dad! I am glad you were born Joy. Oh yeah... And geez that wallpaper 😖

Stephanie Beaver said...

Oh my! You have me laughing the entire time. I love reading your blog!