Friday, May 18, 2007

Wait a Minute Mister Postman

 My sister-in-law got me a singing Hallmark card. When you open the card it plays "wait a minute mister postman". Dawson was enthralled with the card. he would open it and hold it open walking around the house with it and swaying like he was trying to dance and walk at the same time. 
He couldn't seem to keep the music playing enough while he walked so he would get frustrated. Finally he wore the card out and we could have it laying flat on the ground and the music still wouldn't' play. I didn't figure I should teach him to trip the trigger wire for fear he would tear the thing apart and eat the whole mechanism, thereby requiring us to live with a mini version of the Marvelettes belting out wait a minute mister postman until he pooped it out.

Look at this little handsome fella! Handsome just like his daddy!
We have a box of hand-me-down infant shoes at home and I was rummaging through it trying to find a pair of dress shoes for Dawson. I found these cookie monster slippers in there so I had Jason put them on him. I think Dawson likes them!

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