Monday, September 17, 2007


I have to tell my story from yesterday. We got up to get around for church. Jason took a shower and I fed Dawson. He got really  messy so I decided I would just stick him in the shower with me and then Jason could get him dressed. Which is what we did. Dawson loves the shower. We had just bought Dawson some brand new clothes for church and to play in because it's starting to get cold outside.. I had everything laid out so that Jason would know what I wanted Dawson to wear to church. (that's what mom's do because we're afraid our husbands will send them to church in their pj's.) Anyway, I'm trying to finish up my shower and I'm rinsing out my hair. I look down and there's Dawson, fully clothed standing in the shower in his brand new church outfit. He's looking up and giggling and covering his face from the water droplets. I yell for Jason. He can't find Dawson. (That's because he's in the SHOWER honey.) Jason grabs him and asks me how he got in there and I told him I had no idea because I had my eyes closed washing my hair! Jason though when he opened the bathroom door that Dawson ran out and went to the living room. So he had to strip him down and throw his clothes in the dryer and I got Dawson dressed once his clothes were dry. I mean, he STILL needed to wear his new church outfit...

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