Thursday, September 13, 2007


A few posts back I wrote about why toddlers need daddy's. Here is another reason:
I have no idea how Jason thinks of this stuff, and why do I go along with it? It makes me laugh! So much for our carton of vanilla coke. This not an ad for vanilla coke. However, if you go buy some because of this post, be sure and tell them to send the check to: Joy Wilkins 331 Ley St.
I taught Dawson how to give kisses. I love kisses. Sometimes he gets confused and puts his forehead up to your lips, but he still gets kisses either way.
Let's talk about food for a minute. I have never seen a toddler that likes food as much as Dawson. He seems to keep spooning it in and when he's done, he whines for more.
So one day, I tried a little experiment. I got to bring home leftovers from a lunch I ordered for some administrators. It was meal from KFC (this is not an ad for KFC, however...) If had a chicken breast, a biscuit, macaroni and cheese and potato wedges. That is a lot of food! I gave the whole thing to Dawson. I tore up the chicken and the potato wedges into bite sized pieces and the boy went to town like he was a poor boy on Christmas day.
He's so funny sometimes. For instance, in this case. He gathered everything around him in a pile. It had to be right up next to him. Then, and only then, he could nap.
 Okay now I want to explain something to all of you readers out there. If you will look down at the bottom of this post, there is a little link that says "Comments". Do you see it? I WANT COMMENTS! And for those of you who may use the excuse that you don't know how, I'm going to teach you right now.. Use your mouse and click on that link. Do it right now! then you type your message in the box that appears. Over to the right you'll see a place where you have to type in some letters. (this is to keep me from getting junk advertisements) Underneath that, there is a place for you to either sign in (if you're a blogger) or choose "anonymous" Choose anonymous if you have to and just add your name at the end of your comment. Capiche??
Okay. I feel better now.

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