Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I think Dawson is reading my blog.

I dropped him off at daycare yesterday and he cuddled a little but when I set him down to leave he was okay. Then I came to see him over my lunch break and he was ecstatic and so happy and would let me put him down. Finally when I had to leave he cried and cried and I was told this morning that he cried himself to sleep for his nap and when he woke up he was whimpering.
Now I feel like poop on a hot tin roof.
When I came to pick him up after work he was outside on the playground and he saw me and came running yelling MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! Which was very cute and made my heart happy and all the playground workers were looking at me like I was THA BIZNESS.

On Sunday night we were relaxing and Jason told me he wanted to show me what Dawson could do. Jason had an old directory from when he attended his home church in Ohio. His family picture is in there dating back to when Jason was probably a senior in high school. The picture is in color. He laid the directory in front of me and called Dawson over and said "Dawson, where's dada"? Dawson put his little finger right on Jason's face and said "DADA"! I couldn't believe it. I was floored. So of course he's gotta pick me out of a crowd now. Who's your mama? So I go grab our directory from last year. My hair is way short and I was about 6 months pregnant but my picture is in there! I put the directory in front of him. Where's mama Dawson? He searches... (Gently I edge his finger over to my side of the page...) Finally I couldn't stand the pressure so I put his finger on my face and showed him where I was! Then I had him try again. He found me the second time.

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