Friday, October 12, 2007

College Memories

First of all...
Do you remember our kitten from the previous post? Belle? Well, look what I found! Taht's right, this was during her weekend with her daddy! Hmph.

Sunday night Jason and I held our small group bible study at our house. He had gotten out some old pictures from college because he went on a mission trip to Jamaica while in college and one of the girls in our small group, Amy, was on that trip. After they all left, Jason and I sat down and looked through a bunch of his old pictures laughing!
Take for instance, THIS picture. I guess one of his roommates got this game in a care package or something? So all of his roommates would try it out and make fun of it. I'm laughing just looking at this picture. What a dumb thing to send to a college student. I can't quit laughing! There was also the day Jason had an earring. He said he kept it in for one whole day. Now I didn't know Jason when he was in college because he went to Anderson and I was at Bethel. After seeing some of his pictures and hearing the stories, it's probably best that way. Ask him some day about SUPER HYGEINE MAN.

My memories included sledding down the hill outside the Fine Arts center using a cafeteria tray. Watching "While You Were Sleeping" or "Newsies" every Tuesday with an order of Little Caesers breadsticks with my roomies Kate and Danielle. (see picture below) This picture was taken after we graduated and Kate was married and pregnant.

My roommate Mindy (below) blindfolded me and took me to Olive Garden for a surprise birthday party. Olive Garden has been one of my favorite restaurants ever since. She also had a stalker at Meijer where she worked and we nicknamed him and wrote each other funny notes about it.

I'd like to hear other college memories! If you read this post and you went to college and have funny memories I'd like to hear them. Please leave a comment!

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