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so.. my inspiration.. i was looking at my friend ashley’s blog at her cruise pictures and that made me want to post pictures of our cruise and then once i found those pictures i found a bunch of other old pictures i wanted to post. i’m too lazy to use correct punctuation right now. maybe later i’ll be bit more  peppy. right now i’m picture crazy -if i post this picture with that person in it then i’ll need to post this picture with that person in it… anyway, it was fun going back through a bunch of these. so. first. We’re engaged! (I got a bit peppy there, did you see the capital W?
 Then we bought a kitten named Belle. I kept Belle during the week at my mom’s house and Jason got to keep her on the weekends. When Jason returned her to me after having her she would always be psycho! Running around and scratching things. So we had to give her away.
Then, we got married!

 No Barbie or Ken dolls were injured in the making of this photo.
For our 1st anniversary we went on a cruise. I think with any of these pictures, to see it larger you can just click on it. But you have to hit the back button in order to back to the blog.

We set sail on the 1980's Miami Vice Carnival Cruise ship "Sensation" on August 14, 2004.
 Well, close to August 14th. I don't remember what day, just the week time frame.

Yes. I was fully prepared to go down like the Titanic.
No. I did not go down this slide. But I looked at it.
We spent the first day on the ship checking out the attractions offered to us. such as these:
Our room was small but we had someone to make an animal out of a towel for us everyday, so we didn't notice. Are you noticing the 80's theme  of the ship yet?
Lime green tables and striking purple signs!
One night I sang Karaoke but I was too nervous to sing by myself so I asked a stranger to sing with me. We sang " That's the Way it Is" by Celine Dion.
If I ever fell off of a cruise ship, I'd be really upset.
Of course, every ship has the night where you get all dolled up.
AND take a look at this spread! Food art!
 Who wouldn't want to go down this glass elevator-just like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?
I had never played before and I didn't know what I was doing, but I learned that pulling the lever made things happen. I was no good at it so I didn't get addicted
We were on a five night cruise that went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
I wonder who took this picture and why they didn't tell me my tank top was headed north.
In the Grandest of the Caymans, we did an excursion. Just saying it makes me shudder. Excursion! We swam with stingrays:
I absolutely did scream internally. Then, they seemed so social and even seemed to smile, that I calmed to a mild discomfort.
 I have no clue if this picture is of Grand Cayman or Cozumel. Not that they all look the same.
One thing I do know. The islands have..:
We should move my dad to an island with Pepsi.
In Cozumel:
We snorkeled.
I was terrified of being eaten by a shark, and my mask was too big for my face so water kept sinking in and I thought I would drown. After the guided tour, we went back on shore where I got a new mask that fit and we went back into the water where I did not drown or get eaten by a shark but I did hit my knee on a spikey coral and I got a bruise.
I'd still move to an island, even after such a trauma.
I'd like to go again. Who's with me?

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