Monday, October 8, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk

The following is NOT a Crime Scene:
 It’s actually the outline of Dawson’s body drawn with chalk. Though looks like…
What on earth does it look like?
A one-armed Chinese midget with a fat leg.
Jason found sidewalk chalk at his office so he brought it home for Dawson. Dawson was not terribly interested in it, so Jason took the initiative and had more fun coloring with it all over Dawson’s head and face.
I’m quite bummed because our camera wasn’t charged to take it with us to the Apple Festival. I got no pictures. Not sure what I would have taken pictures of though. My 2 maple bun bars, shredded chicken sandwich, pioneer steak fries w/cheese and Jason’s huge breaded tenderloin could have been photo worthy-before ingested. I heard a rumor once that pictures of food in magazines are not fully cooked. They’re sprayed down with water or oil to make them look more appealing. Well let me tell you something! Look at this magnificent creature!
 This is a Hershey pie. I got the recipe from my good friend Ashley who made it for us one night she had us over for dinner. The recipe for this fine specimen is ever so easy! It’s just like chocolate mousse or something when it’s finished. HOWEVER, don’t bake the pie. You bake the crust. Long story. Ask Ashley. She has a link over to the right. Here’s what you need:
·         Package of 6 Hershey candy bars
·         2 tubs of Cool Whip
·         One ready made graham cracker crust
1.    Bake the crust as directed (it comes with instructions
2.    In a double broiler melt all 6 hershey candy bars and remove from heat when melted. Make sure you unwrap them first! (would anyone really try melting chocolate still in a wrapper?)
3.    Let the chocolate cool for just a minute and add the two tubs of cool whip to it.
4.    Mix thoroughly and pour into pie crust
5.    Refrigerate and serve.
How has Food Network overlooked me? I was smiling the whole time I typed it out and my hair looks good.

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