Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dawson Gregory

Dawson one day just blurted out his first and middle name while he was eating supper. So of course I had to get it on video:
There is no good transition to move from that to his "Doo Doo". Not his poopy or anything else you can think of. It's what he does when he looks at himself in the mirror. He gets all goofy and shows off for himself. He's just like his daddy! Actually, Jason is the one who picks him up and puts him up on my dresser so that Dawson can see himself. Then he and Dawson make goofy faces and crack themselves up.
Not too long ago Jason and I took Dawson to the zoo. We packed a lunch and ate in the park before heading into the zoo. We saved our scraps to feed the ducks. Though one duck was determined to sneak some food underhandedly before we finished. Til I Kung Fu'ed him right before he took the food. Not really. I wouldn't kung fu a duck. Here's pics of Dawson feeding the ducks.
Here's Dawson and I cuddling on the couch after a hot day at the zoo!
Who knows when this picture was taken, but this is a rainbow Jason saw right outside our house recently. God's promise that he wouldn't flood our house, just the neighbor's. Just kidding!

And now there's this story...
The other day I was changing Dawson's diaper and he was in a goofy mood so I was pinching his belly. Then he got grumpy all of a sudden and each time I would pinch him he would give me a dirty look and say "eh" real whiney and mean. Then he looks me square in the eye and on my honor he says this:
"spider gonna get you"

Of course I went to bed terrified that a spider was going to bite me and poison me and all my limbs would rot off. Because that happens you know.
You would have never thought that something so unpleasant would have come off the lips of this:


Stephanie said...

Haha....I love how he says these random things like "spider will get you". Where does he learn these things?!

♪♫♪Briana♪♫♪ said...

"spider will get you" what in the world is he talking about?lol he's so funny!!;) Hey!! i stand in the mirror and make faces at myself too! Guess we'll have something to do when you guys are up here!!lol
And if you had paid my mom to not let me drive dnnt kno how mad i would be at you right now!!!!grrrrr.....hah.

♪♫♪Briana♪♫♪ said...

oh yea!! i forgot!! Nice header!! :)

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

In the video in the high chair? I think he is saying, "I want to get down now." and implied in that statement is: "I must escape this woman with the camera who is making me repeat my own name over and over."

♥Kelsey Kakes♥ said...

So, out of no where Dawson just said his middle name?? Thats ok...I love do that all the time:) lol. interesting about the "spider will get you"...if someday my child would say that i'd have a heart attack...I hate spiders!!haha