Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Look What I got!

That's right. I got an ant farm. And for any of you hoodlums out there that think you can graffiti my excitement, I've got news for you (hey but first, I gotta say, that line I just used "graffiti my excitement" -that was pretty good wasn't it?!) there's nothing that can stand in the way of me and my ants.
I've always wanted an ant farm. I've never actually seen an ant farm in person, but when I saw the kits at the store I wanted one of my very own. And I wanted the ants to build lots of tunnels! So one day while Jason and I were at Hobby Lobby, I asked him if he cared if I bought an ant farm. So I did. Then I sent in for the ants... and now I'M OFFICIAL:

I carry this around in my wallet.
After 3 or more long weeks, my ants arrived in this little tube. We had clear instructions to put them in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before dumping them right into the farm so that they wouldn't be all hyper and stuff. There's no stopping a hyper ant.
I had to dump the sand into the bottom of the farm and Jason got upset because nearly half of it landed on the table like he thought it would because I'm a klutz. So we went back to Hobby Lobby and bought another farm to get more sand but ended up using the second farm too. Though I don't have a picture. We connected the two farms and now the ants run back and forth between the connectors doing their business. They're fun to watch and I wasn't homeschooled. They build tunnels and talk to each other in groups using their antannae and stack piles of sand which Jason thinks is a conspiracy because they want to get out. Complex creatures I tell you. I want to know if they sleep. Here's Dawson's reaction:

I'm gonna bet you all want ant farms now, don't you?


Anonymous said...

homeschool high five!!!
- Jason

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I get to read another post!lol Ewwww....i can't believe you guys got an ant farm. I saw a bunch of little ants outside today over near our pool...i think there's an ant farm underground b/c TONS of them were crawling around on this piece of a tree root and when i stepped on them all, more came out of the little hole in the ground. It was so gross, and i ran away. But if an ant farm is what interests you guys, then that's great! :)