Friday, October 10, 2008

Cooking With Joy

Get it? Like cooking with the EMOTION of joy?
Man I'm funny.

I made fudge cake from scratch the Betty Crocker box with a little help from Dawson.

Once the cake went in the oven we had family time. I bit of dancing with the help of Phil Collins.
Editors note: Jason has a shirt on!

Dawson wouldn't dance with me so I tackled him. I'm going to do that quite often while I'm still bigger than he is and can take him down.
You know this post is nothing without randomness, so here is my randomness for the day:
Jason and I decided to repaint one of the wall in our bedroom to lighten it up in there a little. Our walls were all brown. So we added a beige border in the middle. We used that same border color to paint one entire wall, which is the first wall you see when you walk in. Jason told me he was ready to roll (no pun intended) so I walked in the bedroom and found this:
He wouldn't let me keep it on the wall. He made me paint over it.
I think it adds zest to the room.
Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.
What about the fear of tire innards? Has anyone given that a name yet?
One more:
I love the taste of burnt popcorn.

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Sarah said...

How can a person be afraid of TEETH? Eveyone has, or at one time has teeth... how can you be AFRAID of them? Maybe it's kinda like snot. Sometimes we all have snot, but I am pretty much deathly afraid of it. OK, now it makes sense! See how helpful your blog is? =)