Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Title For This Post.

Sometimes I yell. I'll give you a minute to let that sink in. Like this morning, when Jason and I were in the driveway ready to drive separately to take my car in to get it fixed because my radiator leaks.How bad do I need a radiator anyway? Really? I think it's simpler to buy me a new car, rather than driving separately to go get my car fixed. But we weren't arguing about that actually.  Jason wouldn't let me back inside the house because he was in a hurry so I yelled that I was going to yell and make a scene for all of our neighbors to hear, which he doesn't like for some reason. And then he let me inside.
The end.
Dawson has this thing with nesting. He did it when he was little too:
He surrounds himself with pillows and then stuffs all manner of toys and clutter into his space which then makes a nightmare for me clean up later. Only I think I appreciated it more when he was little, because now he creates this:
Which of course is engineered to take up the entire living room with it's chaos and muddle thereby rendering me to shudder the entire time it's being constructed. If you don't know me, I'll let you in on a little secret: I HATE CLUTTER. Hey look! There's my knees!
While Dawson was busy wreaking havoc on my OCD, ("When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!"-that's a quote by Dr. Doofensmirtz from Phineas and Ferb because it's my most favorite cartoon in the world of cartoons) Evan was busy in the waste of space room (which is the other room that we have that we really don't use, so we keep it pretty) doing this: 
 This was not a cluttery thing to do.So I let him continue on with his manner of happiness.
But then Dawson decided he was finished with his disorder in the realm of tidiness in the living room and wanted to move it to the well kept and orderly waste of space room so that it looked like this:
And I took pictures of all of this so that I could show Dawson's wife someday that she needs a maid.
 The other night, Evan grabbed my coffee cup which was empty because I wouldn't leave a coffee cup on the floor with coffee in it, and started doing this:
And it made me laugh. Doesn't it make you laugh?
 Dawson got his hair cut.
 This was before he got glasses.
That is Dawson with his hair cut while wearing his new glasses which he still actually likes to wear and continues to ask me if I think he will still get to wear them in 2nd grade. I change my answer depending on my mood.
I took this picture of Evan. I think he looks plastic. Does he look plastic to you? There is no "make someone look plastic" feature on our camera so I'm not sure how I did it. Although, if there was a "make someone look Barbie" feature on our camera, I would use it on myself and then I would update my profile picture on FB more often.
 Dawson and I completed another thousand piece puzzle. He picked this one out because he is rather captivated by ocean life just like his daddy. The only problem I have with doing puzzles is that I have to sit, and then my butt conforms to the size of the chair and my legs go numb. Maybe next time I'll do butt clenches.


Anonymous said...

How did I possibly miss the phase when Dawson had an Amish Haircut, Joy? Did you live in another state then? I much prefer the updated cool haircut with stylish eyewear look he has going now - Very GQ!

karen said...

I love that you can stay home and be bothered to death (because of your ocd) and just waller around with your beautiful boys! It doesn't get any better than that right there:-) I love Evan in that cubby hole...Priceless. And Dawson, nesting with his new haircut and his new glasses. I love and miss you guys!