Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Naughty Fish

Dawson has this fish named Goldie. Goldie is high maintenance. If I wanted a high maintenance pet, I would have chosen a lion, Are you with me?
One day Dawson was worried because Goldie was treading at the top of the water and couldn't seem to swim down. Jason took a look at him and saw that he was bloated. So he quickly got online to see what could be ailing said fish. One site he found said that fish who like to eat bubbles, can get full of air making it hard for them to swim. In order to correct the situation, you need to feed them peas. Yes. I said peas.
It occured to us that Goldie is always swimming toward the top of the tank and gulping in the bubbles like they're fish candy. So, Jason promptly went and bought a bag of frozen peas, cooked them, mashed them, and dumped them in Goldies tank.
Goldie then got a good spanking and a lecture about the need to end his bubble gulping. He ate the peas, his bloating subsided and he was a happy swimmer again.
Until the next day... we caught him eating the bubbles again.
At that point I told Jason it was time to do some seroius discipline, but how do you put a fish in time-out?


Kelsey Donahue said...

LOL, that is too funny....Goldie the bloated fish. I wonder if a fish can spontaneously combust?

Aunt Diana said...

Awe, poor Goldie:( We use to have goldfish & betta's as well when the girls were younger. At first we had a goldfish in a large bowl, but it did the same thing - blowing bubbles at the top. When we asked at the pet store why they did that, they said it was because they weren't getting enough oxygen and should be in a tank w/ an air pump & filter. We were afraid the fish was going to die, soooo, being the good parents we are, we caved and bought an inexpensive 2 gallon tank with the pump & filter. That was the best thing we did though. We were able to add another small goldfish to keep the loner one company, and the loner fish no longer blew bubbles at the top! And the best part...... it was a lot less maintenance since the filter helped keep the bowl clean. If the fish doesn't work out for Dawson, you can always get him a gerbil or two. That's what we did after the girls got bored with the fish. They each had their own gerbil, and they were adorable and fun! Believe it or not, I got more attached to the little critters than they did! Actually, I was sooo attached to them, that when the last one had died (abt 3 years later), Kirsten got a new one, and yes, I got one too! Mine was quite the acrobat in the cage. I'll have to find a picture and send it to you or post it on facebook.

Aunt Diana said...

Here's the kind of tank we bought. As a matter of fact, down the road after having fish for quite some time, we inherited a 10 gallon tank (from Uncle John) and kept 4 goldfish in there. It was actually quite relaxing to look at and fun to watch the fish grow (the bigger the tank, the bigger the fish grow).