Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gripe Water

We nearly made it one full year without Evan being sick.  His first sickness came on Sunday night, after we came home from a super bowl party. Personally, I blame the economy.

Editor’s Disclaimer: **The information I’m about to disclose cannot be used against me in the court of law.** 
I attempted to feed Evan all manner of delicious foods that were offered at the party. He didn’t like the shredded chicken we had for the tacos and continued to throw it in my lap. I wonder if I should wash those jeans.  So, I turned a blind eye when he continually crawled back to the plate of cheese balls and shoved them in his mouth.  When it was time to eat his bottle, he ate about half, pushed it away as though it were liquid bugs and crawled off.. a chipper little munchkin.
When we got home, we put Evan right to bed. Why do we say “right to” something?  Poor Evan, he barely slept at all the entire night. He didn’t cough, sneeze or puke. He just whimpered and cried the entire night. What the heck? Throughout the night I got up with him and held him while rocking him in his rocking chair. He would sleep soundly then for a while and would often burp, which made me wonder if he had a tummy ache and it hurt to sleep on his tummy.  Then, when I thought he was asleep and would be okay, I’d put him back in his crib and it went like that all.night.long.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not in the mood to run to WalGreens at 3:00 a.m. Why can’t they do house calls?!
The next morning, he was weak, and tired he wouldn’t eat or drink and he was  grumpy. This was him:
After I laid him on the couch he would sit up and look for me and then lay right back down, so I got nervous and laid him on two pillows so he would have less far to fall. See. I’m a good mom.
Since he wouldn’t even accept fluids, we went to WalGreens and bought Gripe Water. The stuff is jet black and I spilled it all over me and the carpet when I opened it to give him his first dose.  I guess I’m klutzy when I’m tired. No comments!  He sucked the Gripe Water right down and cheered up just a bit for about a ½ hour. I thought “hey, I know a few negative nellies out there that could use some Gripe Water”… you know what I’m sayin?  He had a bit of a fever, and I realized he has 4 top teeth pushing their way through at the moment. Like really, right now they are pushing! For real! At any rate, Evan remained grumpy with bouts of cheerfulness throughout the day, but he began eating and drinking again –just like in the bible days! –and so I do believe the Gripe Water is heaven sent. By the end of last night, he seemed back to normal.  Let’s see if we can go another year without sickness.

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Anonymous said...

That's what it is called, Gripe Water? 'Cause I am ALL OVER that stuff, Joy. Hope it comes by the case.