Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Have you ever been given a dandelion when you felt like you were worth a palm tree? Or even a daisy, for heaven's sake?
I grew up poor. That being said, you might understand the trauma I faced when I had to go to school in Palmetto's when all of my classmates were wearing Guess jeans. All for a stupid triangle to accentuate my big 6th grade butt, I tell you.  It seems to me that Palmetto's are the dandelions of Guess. Wouldn't you say?
Now that I'm all grown up and could really care less about name brands, spending most days dressed as a vagabond in my house, I have other dandelion issues.
For instance, I have spent hours grieving over the loss of all of Evan's pictures and videos.
However. I have EVAN.
Besides, when I reflect on all the times a certain little 2 year old boy named Dawson learned to pick flowers and give them to mommy, they were nearly always dandelions. Only they were like palm trees when he gave them to me. Okay, so there were a few times that Dawson picked flowers from the neighbors flower bed. But I didn't tell.
Too bad our neighbor didn't have palm trees.


Kelsey Donahue said...

You crack me up :)

Anonymous said...

Your perspective and how you express yourself is so cute.

Holly said...

I LIKE this post :) and I agree, it's probably more of a blessing to have Evan than the pictures of himself... although on bad days... hmm... nah, still better to have the boy. love ya!