Monday, May 13, 2013

The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad, Mother's Day

Have you ever had a day that just goes wrong? One thing after another just piles up. And then to top it off, it's a day that's supposed to actually be fun and happy? Like say... Mother's Day?
That was my day yesterday.
It all began with an attempt to get Mother's Day pictures with me and the boys.
Yes, picture at least 5 more pictures of this magnitude of horror.
I mean, of course we wanted to spare ourselves the tragedy of my first Mother's Day with Dawson that have no photos to show for it. I've had words to say about that on not just one but several occasions.
We went to lunch at a place where we were able to sit down immediately! But the food was no good.
So we decided to go for a hike to enjoy the new jogging stroller we bought and work off the lousy food we had just consumed.
Say hi to Evan who doesn't seem to like the new stroller.
The hike was enjoyable enough right up until I was pushing Evan up a steep hill and lost footing on the crumbling dirt. Just as I was yelling out to Jason to reach down and grab him, the stroller crashed on it's side. Of course Evan just sat through the ordeal like I crash him every day. He didn't even make a noise. He just sat there like it was routine. "Oh okay, this is the part where mom wrecks our brand new stroller with me in it and we go crashing sideways. We've done that every day since I was born." After much yelling and use of the word "freakin" we got the stroller up the hill.
We finished the hike and returned home.
This is where I decided to do a blog post as a tribute to my mom.  So I went and got our external hard drive that has every single picture on it that we own. I plugged it into my laptop and was plugging away, when Jason stopped in and asked if I could grab him a pop from the refrigerator and to please hurry because he and Dawson were thirsty. So I quickly turned and ran directly into the cord plugged into the hard drive which plummeted to the ground and BROKE. As in, we cannot get the pictures off the hard drive. As in, we have no videos or pictures of Evan since the day he was born, except for the few pictures (no video) I have posted on FB and on this blog. This means, after much research and many calls to computer disaster businesses -if we want to fork over up to $1,600 to extract those photos from the hard drive, there is a chance they can be recovered. A chance.
I'm all cried out.
Maybe I should end this blog post with a plea to all of our friends and family who might have any photos or video of Evan from the time he was born until recently, to please let us have whatever you have. We would greatly appreciate it.
May all other Mother's Days exceed this one in awe and splendor. Amen.


Anonymous said...

This is such a terribly sad Mother's Day story, and of course we feel sorry for Jason too, I mean how guilty he probably feels that he forgot it was Mother's Day or he would have gotten you a pop instead and saved the day. It will go better next year right?
cousin deb.

Kevin Flick said...

I am so sorry! I would be a wreck about that too. I hope everyone blesses you with many pictures and videos!

The Robbs said...

Take It To Best Buy, Ibroje My Laptop And They Were Able To Get Tge Stuff, The Laptop Wouldn't Turn On! and Cheeper Than 1600

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bev is trying to post a comment. I don't know how to do any of this stuff. Fortuneately our pictures that lived thru the fire mind you are still mostly in the cardboard box I had them in. lol and not someplace dangerous like the internet. BEVO

ashley said...

Oh no joy! I'm so sorry to read this. I would def try pricing around, there has to be someplace, or someone cheaper that can helpmyou out!