Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Bit of This

This is Evan.
Sometimes Evan helps me with the laundry. He does so by pulling out everything in the laundry basket and then throwing it in a reckless manner strewing it all across the living room floor. You can all see how this helps me, right? So that I have to go all across the living room floor and pick up the laundry that would have been laying silently in the laundry basket, lonesome with no one to fold it except for me.
Speaking of Evan. Guess who is in a front facing car seat?
What. Did you think I meant him?
That's just nonsense.
"Hey ladies, my mom's feeding me lunch today at noon if you wanna come over."
Sometimes when I picture Eskimo babies in my mind, this is what I think of:
Is that what they look like?  I wonder if Eskimo parents wear green DC shirts.
This is Evan discussing the DOW and how the stocks rise and fall on a daily basis. He uses the toothbrush for emphasis.
Actually, Evan might be the only toddler I've ever heard of that carries around a toothbrush and fights me when I try to take it away from him. And, he always sits with his legs crossed. I think it's cute.
Several weeks ago, that was not a Mother's Day, I liked my hair, so I asked Jason to take a picture of me and Evan because I forced him to wear his Newsies hat.
I like Evan's smile in that picture, however, It seems that my smile is actually saying that I thought my hair looked okay, but really it sort of looks like I have orange highlights when I'm in the sun, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Now I'm happy and Evan thinks his hat makes him look like he has orange highlights.
But this picture below... I like because of the look Evan has while he's looking at me. I think he likes me.
This was how we both felt when the photo shoot was over.
Since I'm talking about myself. I would just like to say that I have lost 52 pounds since Evan was born. I think it all went to my hair. The past few times I've tried doing my hair it has felt heavily sedated and looks ill.
My plan is to lose 55.8 pounds if it's possible. And if I do, it won't.mean.a.single.thing. This is because I suffer the same thing as all normal women in society. Insecurity. And therefore I will always feel fat. However, I read a book by Beth Moore called "So Long Insecurity" and I have new outlook. I have not changed my outlook regarding women of ANY age donning booty shorts or shirts where their cleavage lights up a room like Aurora Borealis. Nor do I approve of women wearing only a sports bra when they go running. Women, if you are a reading this and you are guilty of any or all of the insecurity crimes mentioned above, perhaps you could come over for a nice cup of coffee and chat about it. Please wear a snowsuit when you come. I don't want to see any of that stuff you like to have hanging out. Maybe someday I'll have a nice little blog post about women and security. I'll think about it. Otherwise, you can plan to read a blog coming soon about Dawson's spring choir concert.

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